The World Is Changing. 

Sustainability issues such as climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss pose unprecedented challenges to human society.  We know that we need to start to do things very differently in response. Many leaders are already recognising this and looking again at fundamental questions about the purpose and values that their organisations should be guided by. The urgency of the situation calls for action and yet it can be difficult to know where to start – and how.

What We Stand For.

We help businesses, other organisations and communities respond pro-actively to complex situations such as these. Our expertise is in the design and facilitation of creative group processes. We think there is an opportunity to reformulate strategies, adopt new ways of working and develop a new culture that will all help to create a more purposeful, resilient and successful organisation. We stand for transparency, building trust, moving power to where it can do most good and encouraging leadership by the many, not the few.

How We Can Help

New kinds of questions and challenges are rising rapidly to the top of business leaders' agendas. These include:

  • How do we ensure that our values and purpose as an organisation will serve the interests of all of our stakeholders?
  • How do we identify and manage reputational risk in an ever-more complex and rapidly changing environment?
  • How do we make our organisation more adaptable, innovative and resilient?
  • How do we recruit and retain talented people? How do we better engage all our staff?

We provide organisational coaching that will help you work through these challenges and develop effective responses to them that will revitalise your organisation. The specific contexts that we can work with on include:

  • Organisational values and purpose - working with your leadership team to identify how what your organisation does, and how it does it, can connect with and serve fundamental human needs in a sustainable way
  • Outstanding teams - working with individual teams within your organisation to help them build and sustain high levels of performance and an exemplary team spirit.
  • External stakeholder relationships - helping you to understand the aspirations and perspectives of all of your external stakeholder groups (investors, suppliers, owners, employees, customers, society at large etc) and how to work with them to the maximum mutual benefit
  • Performance, innovation and learning - developing the right management structure and ways of working to enable all of your people to contribute to the fullest extent to the organisation's success and resilience